Minimally invasive surgery for bunion correction

New procedure for minimally invasive surgical correction of Hallux valgus.

Small incisions with solid internal fixation enable rapid recovery with minimal swelling. This will enable you to return to sporting activities as quickly as possible.

There are several different surgical techniques that patients may encounter when seeking hallux valgus surgery.

For minimally invasive surgeries, some prefer not to use screws to maintain bunion correction. To achieve lasting correction, without the risk of bunion recurrence in the future, podiatrist Dr. Sarah Cantin-Langlois uses a technique involving the use of one or more screws. This reinforces the bony cut, to prevent future movement and recurrence of the bunion.

The use of a screw offers several advantages in this surgical procedure. Firstly, it provides a solid, stable anchor to hold the bone in the correct position during healing. In addition, the screw offers sufficient strength to withstand the mechanical stresses applied to the bone during the recovery period. In addition, its precise, controlled insertion enables the displacement required to correct the deformity to be fine-tuned. Finally, the screw offers a reliable fixation solution while minimizing the risk of post-operative complications, contributing to faster recovery and better patient outcomes.

The use of a screw can prevents several problems such as:

  • Undercorrection
  • Infection associated with the use of an external rod
  • Loss of correction
  • Poor correction (the toe moves and heals in an undesirable position, causing permanent pain or rubbing)
  • Recurrence over time (because the joint is not fixed and made stable)
  • Inability to walk after surgery (no screw means correction is unstable and may move when walking)
  • Hooking of the external pin in the post-operative period

Don't hesitate to ask Dr. Sarah Cantin-Langlois, podiatrist, if you are a candidate for this unique surgery for the permanent correction of hallux abducto-valgus.

If you would like to discuss your surgical options with Dr. Cantin-Langlois, podiatrist, please contact us for a consultation.

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