Plantar Fibroma Surgery

What is a fibroid?

Fibroids can be caused by soft tissue swelling, the accumulation of small pockets of fluid, an increase in the size of fatty tissue, a nerve, a vascular or muscle dilatation. The masses can appear in multiple locations on the foot.

Plantar fibromas and ganglion cysts are two of the body's better-known masses. These can be painless, but they can also cause pain and affect the proper functioning of the foot.

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What happens before fibroid surgery?

In most cases, before surgery, your podiatrist will obtain more information with imaging such as ultrasound and\or magnetic resonance.

These results will help to better assess the size, location, and structures adjacent to the mass.

When to opt for fibroid surgery?

Dre Cantin-Langlois, a podiatrist who performs orthopedic foot surgery, can make the pain go away using a variety of conservative treatments, but in some cases, surgery may be necessary.

Once removed, the mass will be sent to a pathology lab to confirm its composition and ensure that it is not malignant.

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